About Cimmerian Studios

Cimmerian Studios is a bespoke design studio creating artwork in the form of miniatures, to gaming gear, to t-shirts, to stickers and everything else you need to enjoy the amazing hobby of collecting and playing table top gaming. 

We take a lot of time and care to ensure that our products are produced as we would like them, our models and miniatures are made and painted by hand, our apparel and merchandise is made to order. One thing we always keep in mind is that Cimmerian Studios is an art and design studio making fun and individually designed products - we’re here to present an alternative to the mass producing hordes, and our culture is one of enthusiasm, creativity and fun! 

Cimmerina Studios: The Future and the Past...

Starting in March 2015, Cimmerian Studios was established by artist and designer Simon Breeze, with the goal for Cimmerian Studios one day to create its own intellectual property with its own rules, models and just about everything else you need to pass the time in a world of imagination with your friends smashing faces to goo. For now though, we're working on one area, and that is making the models that are collected and used for these fantastic games look cool. This is where Cimmerian Studios comes to life.

Cimmerian Studios Logo 'Barbarian Bob'

As fans we invest so much time and energy into building and painting the models we use to play games and to bring the characters and settings to life. We believe that everyone should be able to make and play with fantastic looking models with awesome stories and brilliant systems to run them.  A world where heroes stand tall, the bad guys look menacing and the table top looks cinematic, so that everyone can have fun and become immersed in the action and be apart of that world.

Where do you start with something like this? 

Step 1: Making and painting beautiful models and then taking this to the next level by designing and making your own models and then making them available for everyone. 

Step 2: Steal Underpants!

Step 3: Take over the world, and we achieve this by creating our own Intellectual Property. 

So, back to step one. Paint some models to look awesome and make them available. We love 'The Hobby' and all aspects of it. We like the art, books, models, the collectability of it all and also playing the games. However, some folk don't want all of that, some guys are simply happy to read the books or collect the models, some guys just want to play the games. Inspired by the game X-Wing, where the models you play the game with come assembled and painted, we thought it would be great to allow the fans who want to play the games, who aren't so great or interested in building and painting the models, pick the models up looking great and ready to rock, and what if you're a collector, why can't you pick up some amazing and unique models of the stories and characters you love as well for your collection?

A Deamon of Nurgle painted for Cimmerian Studios

A Deamon of Nurgle painted for Cimmerian Studios

Plague Marine Space Marines painted for Cimmerian Studios
A Nurgle Rhino (Armoured Transporter) painted for Cimmerian Studios
Currently, as well as making some great assembled and painted models by other manufacturers available,  work is under way in the studio to create the very first Cimmerian Studios models. These models are currently hand sculpted, and cast by hand in high quality polyurethane resin.  

Some of the first 'master' model sculpts with their silicon mould

These are the first sculpted models that Cimmerian Studios ever produced

Some of the silicon moulds used by 28Ni to hand cast the models

One of the finished hand cast polyurethane resin models 

Now that step one is under way and we have now collected almost enough underpants it's time to move on to step three, create our own IP and gaming system. This isn't an easy thing to do and it demands a creative team to bring to life. Currently we're working long hard hours to bring this bonkers vision to life. The primary areas to get into from the off is the gaming system, the background, and finally the models. 

The first two of these areas is well under way, and we're happy to say that the world of 3D sculpting is being delved into as well to aid in creating some very dynamic and high quality models for the studio's future endeavours. 

One of the first 3D sculpts for Cimmerian Studios models - it's a zombie mutant!

One of the first 3D sculpts for Cimmerian Studios models

That's it for now, please follow this page and the news posts on the main page for updates on all the fun and games from Cimmerian Studios. 

Thank You!